100 Marvels of the Modern World (H)
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    From awe-inspiring skyscrapers designed to be noticed to the impressive engineering of the bridges, tunnels, and energy-generating wind fields, viaducts, and dams for which function is just as important as form, 100 MODERN MARVELS OF THE WORLD displays some of the most fascinating feats of architecture and engineering in the modern world. This volume includes famous landmarks like the Sydney Opera House and the CN Tower, as well as less-visible projects like New York City's Third Water Tunnel.

    These are the buildings that cities are known for, the bridges and tunnels that move people from place to place, and the windfields and dams that provide power for millions. Each marvel gets a two-page spread that gives a brief explanation and history as well including sidebars with key statistics and facts. Marvels include: - Germany's Reichstag - Japan's Bullet Train - The London Eye - Egypt's Alexandria New Library - Boston's Zakim [Bunker Hill] Bridge - Los Angeles' Walt Disney Concert Hall - United Arab Emirates' Burj al Arab Hotel - China's Three Gorges Dam


- Europe
- Asia and Australia
- Africa and the Mid-East
- The Americas

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