100 th Anniversary of Dr.Thiam Chokwatana 100 Philosophical Thoughts
Politics and Economics Change Life and Business
ผู้เขียน Dr. Sirina Chokwatana Pavarolarvidya
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    Domestic political and economic conditions are inevitably impacted by global politics and economy. World superpowers have underniably joined forces to determine regulations and guidelines on trade and human rights. Fair and just rules bring about peace. Unjust rules engender conflicts and wars. 100 th Anniversary of Dr.Thiam Chokwatana, 100 Philosophical thoughts reveals that politics and economics do change life and business . At every phase of his life, Dr.Thiam Chokwatana had to turn crisis into opportunity. From these experiences originated the 100 philosophical thoughts, his philosophy that creates positive attitude towards management and serves as an example to family members and staff of Saha Group of companies.



- Chronological Record of Dr.Thiam Chokwatana : Thai History: World History
- Politics and Economics Change Life and Business
- Life: Dr. Thiam Chokwatana's Memoirs
- Thought: 100 Philosophical Thoughts
- Practice: Six Decades of Dr.Thiam Chokwatana's Business Management

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