Adobe PhotoShop Elements 4 and Premiere Elements 2 All in One
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   Learn How to…
- Import Images from a Digital Camera
- Change Image Size or Resolution
- Correct Red Eye
- Repair Large Holes, Tears, and Missing Portions of a Photo
- Correct color, contrast, and Saturation In one step
- Ade In or Out of a Video Clip
- Pan and Zoom Still Images a La Ken Burns
- Create Rolling and Moving Credits
- Set DVD Chapter Markers
- Move Images Between Premiere Elements and Photoshop Elements
- Create a Slideshow in Photoshop Elements
- Make an Instant Slideshow in Premiere Elements


Chapter 1: Working with Photoshop Elements
Chapter 2: Importing Items into the organizer Catalog
Chapter 3: Organizing Items in the catalog
Chapter 4: Creating, Opening, and Saving Image
Chapter 5: Selecting a Portion of an Image
Chapter 6: Using Multiple Layers to Edit Images
Chapter 7: Making Quick Corrections to a Photograph
Chapter 8: Retouching Photos with Tools
Chapter 9: Repairing and Improving Photographs
Chapter 10: Correcting Brightness, Contrast, Color, and Sharpness


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