Atulo Gifts He Left Behind
The genuine basis of the Dhamma is the mind, so focus on watching the mind.
ผู้เขียน Bra Bodhinandamuni
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    The genuine basis of the Dhamma is the mind, so focus on watching the mind. Get so that you understand your own mind poignantly.
When you understand your mind poignantly, you’ve got the basis of the Dhamma right there.Venerable Grandfather Dulya Atulo or Phra Rajvudhacariyd, Wat Buraparam, Surin Province, was an abbot who behaved properly, uniquely taught people of pure truths at the highest level. He was one of the most senior disciples of Venerable Grandfather Mun Bhuridatto, a consummate spiritual warrior.

    Venerable Grandfather’s teachings were simple but containing a complete dhammic message of the Buddha’s noble words in the Canon.   This is an example of his teachings…Should heedlessness remain, the religion’s savour remains untapped. They are external things. Their external benefit is for social service, a symbol of religious materialism. The genuine personal benefit is to be free from suffering. "One can be free from suffering when getting to know the single mind." 

    The book "Gifts He Left Behind" compiles the Dhamma legacy of Venerable Grandfather Dulya Atulo before he passed away. It has been published for more than one million…The publication of this “Gifts He Left Behind” issue aims to distribute to Venerable Grandfather Dul’s well-wishers, Thai and foreigners, so that they can absorb the essence of his Dhammic teachings and rely upon them as a protecting shield when their mind is invaded by defilement, sufferings, and dominated by greed, anger, misguidedness. The essence of Dhammic teachings in this book is expected to pave the way for all readers towards happiness, serenity, and enlightenment brought by a merit mind, once they get to know the mind.

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