Beginning C# Objects: From Concepts to Code
ผู้เขียน Grant Palmer, Jacquie Barker
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    Beginning C# Objects: From Concepts to Code is a comprehensive yet approachable guide for anyone interested in learning the C# language, beginning with the basics.

    To begin, this book addresses the two fundamental concepts that programmers must grasp in order to write a professional object-oriented C# application: the nature and characteristics of objects, and the structure that allows you to take best advantage of C#’s object-oriented makeup.

    In addition to the basics of C# syntax, this book introduces object terminology—teaching you how to think in terms of objects—and provides an introduction of object modeling, illustrating how to translate an object model into C# code with ease.


Part One: The ABCs of Objects
- Chapter: 1 A Little Taste of C#
- Chapter 2: Abstraction and Modeling
- Chapter 3: Objects and Classes
Part Two: Object Modeling 101
- Chapter 8: The Object Modeling Process in a Nutshell
- Chapter 9: Formalizing Requirements Through Use Cases
- Chapter 10: Modeling the Static/Data Aspects of the
Part Three: Translating a UML "Blueprint" into C# Code
- Chapter 13: A Deeper Look at C#
- Chapter 14: Transforming Our UML Model into C# Code
- Chapter 15: Rounding Out Our Application, Part 1:
Adding File Persistence
Appendix A: Suggestions for Using This Book As a Textbook
Appendix B: Alternative Case Studies
Appendix C: Setting Up a Basic Object Modeling/C#
Appendix D: Downloading and Compiling the SRS Source Code
Appendix E: C# Keywords


Jacquie Barker

Jacquie Barker is a professional software engineer, author, and adjunct faculty member at The George Washington University in Washington, D.C. With over 25 years of experience as a hands-on software developer and project manager, Jacquie has spent the past 12 years focusing on object technology, becoming proficient as an object modeler and Sun Microsystems certified Java programmer.

Grant Palmer

Grant Palmer is the author of the acclaimed Java Programmer's Reference and is a recognized expert in both the C# and Java languages. Grant has worked as a scientific programmer in the Space Technology Division at the NASA Ames Research Center for the past 20 years. This has involved working with Java since 1996, developing programs for scientific applications as well as converting older FORTRAN and C applications to the Java and C# platforms.

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