Border Economic Zones in Thailand A Practitioner's Guide
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ผู้เขียน Montague Lord, Pawat Tangtrongita
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    Thailand has a great deal of experience in developing special economic areas   along its borders, largely because of the important role that subregional cooperation with neighboring countries has played in the country's overall development strategy. Beginning in the late 1980s, Thailand's border conflicts with neighboring countries was superseded by region-wide cooperation arrangements that focused on cross-border movements of people and goods. The resulting border development programs were associated with production sharing schemes and supply chain trade along economic corridors in the subregion.   


Part 1. Backround
I. Veriety and Convergence
II. Bez Concepts and Modalities

Part 2. Strategic Framework
III. Overall Strategic Framework
IV. Targeted Area Strategies

Part 3. Roadmap to Implementation
V. Implementation Steps
VI. Case Study of Thai-Malaysian Border Region
VII. Comparative Analysis of Potential Bez Areas

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