Building the New Enterprise People, Processes, And Technology
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Building the New Enterprise: People, Processes and Technologies is your roadmap and sourcebook for building worldclass IT infrastructures! People, processes and technology--in that order--are the key drivers of success with client/server and Internet technology. Building the New Enterprise delivers practical ways to maximize all three. It's filled with how-tos, metrics, forms, checklists, sample organization charts, job descriptions, schedules, methodologies, policies--everything you need to get results.

Building the New Enterprise is the first practical guide to the day-to-day "blocking and tacking" that makes the difference between success and failure in distributed systems. You'll find all this and more:

- The "Ten Commandments" of a world-class IT infrastructure
- Supporting the "glass closet:" applying data center management techniques to the network
- Sample service level agreements between user and IT organizations
- The real economics of client/server and process engineering
- Buy versus build, insource versus outsource
- FAQs answering IT executives' top questions about managing client/server systems


1. Ten cammandments of a world-class IS infrastrure
2. It begins with planning
3. Principles of organizational design
4. The politics of people, Process, and technology
5. Organizing for the next millennium
6. Reliability, availability, and supportability
7. Client/Server Production Acceptance (CSPA)
8. The economics of client/server and process engineering
9. Cost-of-service case study
10. Technology: Desing & hardware
Appendix A: IS job descriptions
Appendix B: IS business processes
Appendix C: Sample governance policies
Appendix D: Sample service-level agreement
Appendix E: Security standards

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