CD Aim High 5 : Class
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Aim High Level 5 Class Audio CD : A new secondary course which helps students become successful, independent language learners.

Aim High is a five-level course that develops language learning through carefully chosen vocabulary (including words from the Oxford 3000™), texts which are interesting, and essential study skills. The iTools digital material adds variety to class teaching and the Student CD-ROM is great for home study. Revision and self assessment sections help learners towards exam success and there is extensive testing material too.

Key Features

- Develops language learning and presents vocabulary through rich and motivating texts.
- Includes key words from the Oxford 3000™ (a list of the most important words to know in English) and extends vocabulary
   knowledge with idioms, expressions, phrasal verbs etc.
- Teaches essential study skills and learning strategies and includes a Dictionary Corner at every level.
- Saves preparation time with easy-to-use digital materials - great for presentation and practice, and ideal for checking homework.
- Encourages self-study with over 180 activities on the Student CD-ROM.
- Includes revision and self assessment sections, photocopiable unit tests, and further adaptable tests to suit your individual needs.

Aim High will help your students succeed as language learners in the classroom, with their homework and also in exams. How will it do this? It uses a structured and progressive approach to vocabulary. Within each unit students are taught the meaning of new words but they also learn how and when to use them. There are useful, everyday words, some from the Oxford 3000™, plus expressions, idioms, phrasal verbs and so on. Essential vocabulary for communicating well in English.

To encourage students towards learner autonomy Aim High has lots of opportunities to develop study skills and learning strategies, plus a Dictionary Corner. The Student CD-ROM, with over 180 varied activities, provides opportunities for self-study outside the classroom.

As well as adding variety to your lessons iTools digital materials will help you cut down on preparation. Both the Student’s Book and the Workbook content are included, so it’s ideal for checking homework. And you can add your own resources to use in class too.

The self-check and review boxes will help your students understand how they are progressing. You’ll be able to assess them too with the photocopiable tests for each unit, and the adaptable tests from the Test Generator.

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