Campaign Finance Reform and the Future of the Democratic Party
ผู้เขียน Jerrold E. Schneider
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Campaign Finance Reform and the Future of the Democratic Party offers a new interpretation of the dynamics of the American political system. Jerrold Schneider explains how campaign finance reform would enable the Democratic Party to reverse the decades-long decline in their voter base. Reform would incentivize the Party to reallocate $1 trillion per year in contribution-driven waste to popular programs, without which the kind of progressive economic policies that have always energized the Democratic base will continue to be starved of resources. Schneider shows that, contrary to conventional wisdom, writing an effective reform law that cannot be loopholed is feasible. So is a set of specific measures to force Congress to enact an effective law. In the end, reform holds the key to the democratic character and dynamics of the political system. Reform also holds the key to investments for future U.S. productivity growth and the reduction of inequality.


Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Would Campaign Reform Work?
Chapter 3 The Decline of the Democratic Party
Chapter 4 Would Campaign Reform Yield Enough Money to
Refloat the Democrats?
Chapter 5 Are Weak Parties Inevitable?
Chapter 6 Nine Party--Unifting Forces
Chapter 7 Are the Democrats Big Spenders or Big Investors?
Inequality and Productivity
Chapter 8 Public Sector Investment
Chapter 9 Conclusions

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