Communicating in Groups : Applications and Skills 9ED (P)
This book includes helpful tables and images, as well as boxes showcasing ethical dilemmas, "Apply Now" situations, and current issues related to media and technology complement the information.
ผู้เขียน Katherine L. Adams, Gloria J. Galanes
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    This book is designed for the first or second year student who may not have had a prior communication course and who may never take a subsequent course but who must work in groups because that is the nature of corporate, educational, and civic participation in this day and age. Two overarching goals guide our writing. First, being able to work effectively in groups is not a luxury it's necessity. Our introductory students want to cut to the chase they want to know what works right now. That is the reason for our distinctly practical focus in Communicating in Groups. Although this text uses the same research foundation in a way that is both useful and immediately usable. Second, we want students to recognize that effective group work is, to a great extent, a matter of communication behavior, not a matter of personality or fate. Thus, it is to a great extent within their own control. We want students to start thinking about their won communicative choices in groups and to have the tools to make wise choices so they can make the groups they belong to as rewarding and productive as possible.


Part 1: Orientation to Small Group Systems.
Part 2: Foundations of Small Group Communicating.
Part 3: From Individuals to Group .
Part 4: Understanding and Improving Group Throughput Processes.


This International Student Edition is for use outside the U.S.

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