David Copperfield: Penguin Readers Level 3
ผู้เขียน Charles Dickens
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David Copperfield's happy life suddenly changes when his mother marries again. Her new husband is cruel to him and sends him away to school, When David's mother dies, he is sent to work in London. He hates his job so he runs away. He has no money for food or for travelling. But it is the beginning of his life of adventure.

Penguin Readers are simplified texts designed in association with Longman, the world famous educational publisher, to provide a step-by-step approach to the joys of reading for pleasure. Each book has an introduction and extensive activity material. They are published at seven levels from Easystarts (200 words) to Advanced (3000 words).


Chapter 1 I Have a New Father
Chapter 2 I Am Sent Away from Home
Chapter 3 I Start School at Salem House
Chapter 4 I Grow Up
Chapter 5 I Go to Work
Chapter 6 I Make a New Start
Chapter 7 I Finish My Education
Chapter 8 I Meet the Girl of My Dreams
Chapter 9 I See Old Friends
Chapter 10 I Find a Wife


- Level 3 Pre-Intermediate (1200 words)
- Classics
- British English

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