Decoding the Secrets of Crete (PDF)
Crete: A Magical Island Hiding in the Mediterranean Sea may your tribe grow
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          It was with delight that I accepted the invitation to write a Foreword for the book, titled, Bioluminescent
Light: A Disruptive Innovation of the Future (Khanser and Piromsartkoon, 2018). When I was approached by Dr. Soontorn Piromsartkoon for this task, I was intrigued by the topic of the book. The phenomenon of bioluminescence has been with us for quite a long time now and one thing that reminds me of it is the light of the re?ies. What is amazing about the book is that it features the Khanser-Piromsartkoon invention of a perpetual lighting system using bioluminescence which they present as a disruptive innovation of the future, something that will challenge our current understanding of lighting systems. The invention is an alternative green energy and uses synthetic biology to produce the bioluminescent light.


- Part 1 Crete : A Magical Island
- Part 2 Decoding the Secrets of Crete
- Part 3 The Novel
- Part 4 Sojourn to Egypt

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