Developing and Administering a Child Care and Education Program 7ED (P)
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Emphasizing the director's responsibility as a leader of both people and programs, DEVELOPING AND ADMINISTERING A CHILD CARE AND EDUCATION PROGRAM, International Edition, covers the business and interpersonal skills child development professionals need to implement an effective program for young children and their families. In this thoroughly updated Seventh Edition, authors Sciarra, Dorsey, and Lynch provide practical information on all aspects of directing a program, including funding; budgeting; selecting, training, and supervising staff; housing the program and purchasing equipment; working with children and parents; accrediting and licensing an early childhood center; and carrying out program evaluation.


Chapter 1 The Working Director
Chapter 2 Developing Interpersonal Relationships
Chapter 3 Assessing community Need and Establishing a Program
Chapter 4 Licensing and Certification
Chapter 5 Organizing Center Structure and Working with a Board
Chapter 6 Handling Financial Matters
Chapter 7 Funding the Program
Chapter 8 Developing a Center Facility
Chapter 9 Equipping the Center
Chapter10 Staffing the Center

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