The Fusion of Science and Dharma
ผู้เขียน Ph.D. Woody Prieb
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    The word dharma in Sanskrit does not mean ethics or morality as commonly understood nowadays; but it means nature. The spiritual core of eastern religions is in fact the true understanding of nature and its immutable laws. That is also the ultimate mission of science. In this sense, dharma is science and science is dharma. This book tries to combine modern science and age-old dharma in order to describe the ultimate reality of nature and, if at all possible, with just simple diagrams.


Chapter 1 Matter and Energy
Chapter 2 Vitergy
Chapter 3 Sankhara
Chapter 4 Nirvana
Chapter 5 Law of Dharma

- Conclusion

ISBN: 9786165772105 (ปกอ่อน) 164 หน้า
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