Digital Transformation Canvas A Business Transformation Model for New Growth (PDF)
A comprehensive strategising toolkit with a step-by-step guide to Digital Transformation and a compilation of case studies from top companies in thailand and in the world.
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    Digital Transformation Canvas is based on the success stories of 20 companies that have completed digital transformation in the past 10 years according to Harvard Business Review. The book includes case studies from both global and Thai companies such as Netflix, Adobe, Amazon, Ping An, Nestle, Stripe, 23andMe, Meituan, Thailand Post, and RS Group.

    Digital Transformation Canvas is a toolkit for business owners, entrepreneurs, and executives who want to train their team to look for opportunities, to develop and brainstorm ideas that will fundamentally change the business from ground zero today to a bright new growth in the future.


- Chapter 01 - Digital Transformation 101
- Digital Transformation: What, Why, and How?
- Why do we need digital transformation?
- Same or different? Digitisation vs Digital Transformation

- Chapter 02 - Digital Transformation Canvas
- Top 20 Businesses with Digital Transformation
- Digital Transformation Canvas

- Chapter 3 - Digital Transformation Canvas: Case Studies
- Netflix: No.1 in Digital Transformation
- ADOBE: Becoming a Provider of Cloud Computing Platforms
- Amazon: From Online Bookstore to Being No.1 with Amazon Web Services (AWS)

- Digital Transformation Canvas and the 5D’s model
- Why do many organisations fail?
- What did successful organisations do? .

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