Drugs, Behavior, and Modern Society 7ED (P)
ผู้เขียน Charles F. Levinthal
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    This text examines the impact of drug-taking behavior on our society and our daily lives. The use and abuse of a wide range of licit and illicit drugs are discussed from historical, biological, psychological, and sociological perspectives. For undergraduate Drugs and Behavior courses . In today's world, drugs and their use present a social paradox, combining the potential for good and for bad. As a society and as individuals, we can be the beneficiaries of drugs or their victims. Drugs, Behavior, and Modern Society, Sixth Edition features a comprehensive review of psychoactive drugs, and is notable for the attention it gives to two aspects of drug-taking behavior that have been underreported in other texts: steroid abuse and inhalant abuse.


Part 1 Drugs in Society / Drugs in Our Lives
Part 2 Legally Restricted Drugs in Our Society
Part 3 Legal Drugs in Our Society
Part 4 Enhancers and Depressants
Part 5 Medicinal Drugs
Part 6 Prevention and Treatment

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