Engineering Economy 15ED (P)
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For undergraduate, introductory courses in Engineering Economics. Used by engineering students worldwide, this best selling text provides a sound understanding of the principles, basic concepts, and methodology of engineering economy. Built upon the rich and time tested teaching materials of earlier editions, it is extensively revised and updated to reflect current trends and issues, with an emphasis on the economics of engineering design throughout. It provides one of the most complete and up to date studies of this vitally important field.


Chapter 1 Introduction to Engineering Economy
Chapter 2 Cost Concepts and Design Economics
Chapter 3 Cost-Estimation Techniques
Chapter 4 The Time Value of Money
Chapter 5 Evaluating a Single Project
Chapter 6 Comparison and Selection among Alternatives
Chapter 7 Depreciation and Income Taxes
Chapter 8 Price Changes and Exchange Rates
Chapter 9 Replacement Analysis
Chapter 10 Evaluating Projects with the Benefit-Cost Ratio Method
Chapter 11 Breakeven and Sensitivity Analysis
Chapter 12 Probabilistic Risk Analysis
Chapter 13 The Capital Budgeting Process
Chapter 14 Dicision Making Considering Multiattributes

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