Foundation IELTS Masterclass : Student's Book (P)
Includes IELTS practice test Grammar and vocabulary practice files writing file with tasks to develop writing skills
ผู้เขียน Nick Thorner, Louis Rogers
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    This course provides optimum preparation for the Academic version of the IELTS exam, in the classroom and at home, for students working in an IELTS band score of 4.5-5.5.

    In the Student's Book :
- Exam tips and exam skills exercises train students to tackle exam tasks confidently
- Unit introduction activities develop world knowledge and critical thinking skills
- Vocabulary File with exercises supports development of key vocabulary for the exam
- Grammar File with explanatory notes and exercises builds language knowledge
- Study Skills File gives ideas for skills and language development
- Writing File with sample answers helps students to produce achievable and effective answers
- Exam Challenge activities at the end of each unit encourage students to try doing realistic exam tasks in the practice test at the back of the book


Unit 1 : Education & Learning
Unit 2 : Health & Medicine
Unit 3 : Society & Family
Unit 4 : Population & The Environment
Unit 5 : Culture & Entertainment
Unit 6 : Careers & Success
Unit 7 : Nature & Biology
Unit 8 : Producers & Consumers
Unit 9 : Media & Travel
Unit 10 : Science & Progress

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