Get It Right English Comprehension Secondary 1
ผู้เขียน B.A. Cert in Ed M.A. Ph D, Ian Barker
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Get It Right! Is a series of revision and practice books specially written for lower secondary students. Get It Right! Secondary One English Comprehension is based on the 2001 English Syllabus
Organized according to text types, the book has the following key features:
- a skills-based approach with notes on skimming, scanning, looking for contextual clues, anticipating, making predictions, looking for discourse markers and summary skills
- short tasks which offer controlled practice in each reading comprehension skill
- a test at the end of a section to provide distributed practice in reading comprehension
- a wide range of text types and other stimulus material including authentic texts, for example stories, advertisements, expository texts and letters
- practice tests with marks clearly indicated
- a detailed answer key for self-access and for parents and teachers to monitor students' progress


Unit 1. Skimming
Unit 2. Scanning
Unit 3. Practice Exercise 1
Unit 4. Making Inferences
Unit 5. Practice Exercise 2
Unit 6. Contextual Clues 1
Unit 7. Contextual Clues 2
Unit 8. Practice Exercise 3
Unit 9. Anticipating and Making Predictions
Unit 10. Discoursed Markes

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