How To Be Successful Today
ผู้เขียน Oliver De Meistre
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Success is very much sought and talked of yet seldom addressed appropriately. Worse, it relates almost exclusively to wealth matters. Moreover, there are countless success-building methods and guidelines. But, only two different yet equally preposterous types emerge.

On the one hand, we have the ''deny all, reject all'' approach that suggests a decisive and irreversible breakaway from the material world as a means to enjoy true happiness. On the other hand, we are proposed the '' can do '' method, which suggests that where there is will, there is necessarily a way. Derived thereof are the lengthy so-called success-stories of more or less celebrated figures that fully credit themselves with their outstanding performance no matter the circumstances.

But, it is impossible to deny the ongoing interaction with the environment and the latter's impact on our lives. Nor are we able to separate success from personal aspirations since achievement depends on individual attributes. Last but not least, it is agreed that success does not come entirely by chance and that a number of principles have a bearing on people's perspectives.

Having said that, rather than showcase the approach to success with questionable personal stories, we propose to bring out the immanet fundamentals, that is, knowing human nature, the primary pillar of humanity, understanding the environment and applying basic principles. We will also see how important knowledge is at each and every stage of the reflection and how to deal with, among others, an ever-increasingly complex living environment.

This is vision that enables effective personal development for all of us. And, we are already one step closer to genuine success.


- Know About Human Nature
- Understand and Your World
- Apply Basic Principles

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