I'm Chevy Chase.. and You're Not 1ED (H)
ผู้เขียน Rena Fruchter
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    An in-depth look at the complex and fascinating star who came from a childhood of abuse and, despite all odds, rose to fame as a brilliant actor, comedian and writer.   In this unique biography, friends, colleagues, and Chevy himself are interviewed by the author, and often presented in their own words.   Chevy speaks openly about his drug problems and his fight to beat addiction.   He also offers many hilarious behind-the-scenes anecdotes about his years in Hollywood as one of the world's leading comedians.


Part I: I'm Not Chevy Chase
Part II: Hollywood and Fame
Part III: Over the Rainbow

"I'm Chevy Chase...and You're Not shows us a talented actor, committed activist, and genuinely good-hearted, funny man."President Bill Clinton
"Nobody I've worked with has made me laugh harder."Goldie Hawn
"This book conveys Chevy's dignity, intelligence and autonomy that set him apart in the first place. In addition, he made me pee my pants when we made the Vacation movies."Beverly D'Angelo
ISBN: 9781852273460 (ปกแข็ง) 244 หน้า
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สำนักพิมพ์Virgin Books Ltd.
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