In Woods and Forests (H)
ผู้เขียน Tessa Paul
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Discover the secrets of animals and birds. Learn how weasels mark their hunting grounds. Find out why magpies frighten other birds, and how raccoons wash their food. If you want to be an animal tracker, look for the clues they leave behind, this book will show you how. Animal Trackers describes the traces that animals leave wherever they go. It tells you about the homes that different creatures live in, and the tiny signs that show you where they live. Lively information and beautiful artwork bring these creatures to life.


1. Introduction
2. Opossum
3. Raccoon
4. Porcupine
5. Magpie
6. Red squirrel
7. Badger
8. Skunk
9. Bat
10. Chipmunk
11. Weasel
12. Marten

- Index
- Glossary

ISBN: 9812322493 (ปกแข็ง) 36 หน้า
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