J2EE .NET Interoperability : Integration Strategies, Patterns, and Best Practices
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This indispensable book provides the Java EE and .NET developer community with multiple strategies to integrate between Java EE and, NET platforms that save developers time and effort. Applying proven interoperability solutions significantly reduces the application development cycle. Coverage includes
-Effective Java EE->NET Integration strategies and best practices
-Detailed enterprise coverage, as well as standalone Java EE Component integration with .NET
-SOA as building block for Java EE-.NET interoperability
-Interoperability, security issues and risk mitigation
-Managing reliability, avaibility, and scalability for Web services built on Java EE and .NET
-The latest interoperability standards and specifications, including Web SSO MEX and WS-Management
-Current interoperability technologies, such as Windows Communication Foundation, WSE 3.0, JAX-WS, and Enterprise Service Bus


Part 1: Java EE Platform Interoperability Essentials
Part 2: Synchronous Integration
Part 3: Asynchronous Integration
Part 4: Addressing Quality of Services
Part 5: Implementation

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