Lesikar's Business Communication : Connecting in a Digital World 13ED (P)
Each business communication textbook brings a somewhat unique perspective to the subject. This section describes our approach.
ผู้เขียน Dr. Kathryn Rentz, Dr. Paula Lentz
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    This 13th edition of Lesikar's Business Communication: Connecting in a Digital World, by Kathryn Rentz, and Paula Lentz brings the contemporary perspective of two expert teachers to Ray Lesikar's classic textbook. Taking a unique problem solving approach, it integrates current technologies and trends throughout, while maintaining an emphasis on the fundamentals: careful analysis of the communication problem, development of an audience focused solution, and clear, correct use of language and visuals. Combined with abundant realistic examples, exercises, and cases, this approach makes Lesikar one of the most pedagogically effective books in the field.


Part 1 Introduction
Part 2 Fundamentals of Business Writing
Part 3 Basic Patterns of Business Messages
Part 4 Fundamentals of Report Writing
Part 5 Oral Forms of Business Communication
Part 6 Elements of Professionalism : Technological Proficiency and Correctness

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