Living with Intelligence Issues
ผู้เขียน Daniel Fung, Ong Li Min, Ong Lue Ping
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    Living with Intelligence Issues answers all these questions and more in a clear and concise way. With sensible advice on ways to deal with gifted children and children with learning difficulties, this book is a useful reference for parents and caregivers who are concerned about the personal development of the children they look after.
    Living with Intelligence Issues is part of a series of handbooks on mental health in children written by mental health professionals from the Child Guidance Clinic. Other titles in the series are:
    - Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
    - Autism
    - Discipline issues
    - Divorce and broken homes
    - Grief
    - Learning difficulties
    - Self-harm behaviours
    - Sexuality issues
    - Stress


Part 1 Intelligence and its changing concepts
Part 2 The different types of intelligence
Part 3 Cognitive development in children
Part 4 Types of intelligence tests
Part 5 IQ Scores--what do they mean?
Part 6 Measuring the intelligence of children
Part 7 IQ testing at the Child Guidance Clinic
Part 8 Maximising your child's potential
Part 9 What if my child's IQ is below average?
Part 10 Dealing with gifted children
Part 11 Creativity, intelligence and success

ISBN: 9812325832 (ปกอ่อน) 64 หน้า
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สำนักพิมพ์Times Edition
เดือนปีที่พิมพ์: 2003