Magic Time 2 : Student's Book (P)
ผู้เขียน Kathleen Kampa, Charles Vilina
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    Magic Time is a two-level communicative course for kindergarten and early elementary students who are learning English for the first time. The series uses large, humorous scenes to develop speaking, listening, and pre-writing skills.

    The learning activities and games in Magic Time appeal to student's playful energy through colorful art, music, and movement. The syllabus progresses at a natural, steady pace and offers students many opportunities to practice new language.

    Magic Time is follwed by the six-level communicative series English Time. These two series can be used separately or as one complete eight-level course.

Each level of Magic Time contains:
- Student Book
- Workbook
- Teacher's Book
- Audio Cassette and CD
- Picture and Word Card Book
- Wall Charts


- Syllabus
- Introductions
Unit 1 At the Zoo
Unit 2 At the Aquarium
Unit 3 Occupations
Review 1
Unit 4 At a Restuarant
Unit 5 In the Backyard
Unit 6 Camping Trip
Review 2
Unit 7 Clock Shop
Unit 8 A Week at Camp Fun
Unit 9 World Weather
Review 3


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