Magic Time 2nd ED 2 : Workbook (P)
The new edition of the bestselling two level kindergarten and early elementary English course!
ผู้เขียน Kathleen Kampa, Charles Vilina
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    Magic Time uses large, humorous scenes to develop speaking, listening, and pre-writing skills. The learning activities and games appeal to students’ playful energy through colorful art, music and movement. The syllabus progresses at a natural, steady pace and offers students many opportunities to practice new language. New Talk Time pages and a Student’s Songs and Chants CD offer even more communication opportunities. Use Magic Time on its own or combine it with English Time to create an engaging eight level course.


Unit 1 At the Zoo
Unit 2 At the Aquarium
Unit 3 Occupations
Unit 4 At the Restaurant
Unit 5 In the Backyard
Unit 6 Camping Trip
Unit 7 Clock Shop
Unit 8 A Week at Camp Fun
Unit 9 World Weather
Unit 10 At School
Unit 11 At the Park
Unit 12 Annie’s Birthday

- My Phonics Picture Dictionary

ISBN: 9780194016056 (ปกอ่อน) 72 หน้า
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สำนักพิมพ์Oxford University Press
เดือนปีที่พิมพ์: 2012