Mathematica Navigator : Mathematics, Statistics and Graphics 3ED (P) +CD
ผู้เขียน Heikki Ruskeepaa
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    Ruskeepaa gives a general introduction to the most recent versions of Mathematica, the symbolic computation software from Wolfram. The book emphasizes graphics, methods of applied mathematics and statistics, and programming. Mathematica Navigator can be used both as a tutorial and as a handbook. While no previous experience with Mathematica is required, most chapters also include advanced material, so that the book will be a valuable resource for both beginners and experienced users.


1. Starting
2. Sightseeing
3. Notebooks
4. Files
5. Graphics for Functions
6. Graphics Primitives
7. Graphics Options
8. Graphics for Data
9. Data
10. Manipulations

Each chapter is a gem of clarity and concise application, but space limits the praise. If the book has any failings, it is in leaving the reader begging for more.John A. Wass- Scientific Computing
There is a great need for this book. The outstanding feature of Mathematica Navigator is the great variety of Mathematica programs.Mike Mesterton-Gibbons- Florida State University
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