Microsoft Windows Communication Foundation : Hands-on Beta Edition
ผู้เขียน Marc Mercuri, Nigel Watling, Craig McMurtry
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The Windows Communication Foundation, code-named Indigo, is a new Microsoft technology for allowing software to communicate. Superseding earlier technologies, such as COM/DCOM,. NET Remoting, ASP.NET Web Services and the Web Services Enhancements for.NET, the Windows Communication Foundation provides a single solution that is designed to always be the best way to exchange data among software entities. It also provides the infrastructure for developing the next generation of Web services, with support for the WS-* family of specifications, and a new serialization system for enhanced performance.

For information technology professionals, the Windows Communication Foundation supplies an impressive array of administration tools that enterprises and software vendors can use to reduce the cost of ownership of their solutions without writing a single line of code. Most important, the Windows Communication Foundation finally delivers on the long-postponed promise of model-driven software development with the new software factory approach, by which one can iteratively design solutions in a modeling language and generate executables from lower-level class libraries.


1. Prerequisites--Generics and Transactions
2. The Fundamentals
3. Data Representation
4. Security
5. Reliable Sessions, Transactions, and Queues
6. Legacy Integration
7. Interoperability
8. Custom Transports
9. Custom Behaviors
10. Publish/Subscribe Systems


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