Microsoft Windows XP : Introductory Concepts and Techniques
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    The figures in this book were created using Windows XP Professional. If you plan to step through the projects in this book, you may notice subtle differences between the images on your desktop and the corresponding figure in the book. These differences may be due to the Windows version form which you upgraded; the Internet connection used; or the version of Window XP installed on the computer.

    For example, the commands on the Start menu in Home Edition may be different from those in Professional; a button or tab in a dialog box may be different; or a default setting may be different. Although the vast majority of the steps in this book work with both Home Edition and Professional, any steps that do not work with Home Edition are identified.


Project One Fundamentals of Using Microsoft Windows XP
Project Two Working on the Windows XP Desktop
Project Three File, Document, and Folder Management and
Windows XP Explorer

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