Muay Thai Sport: The Procedure of Technical Practicing (P)
ผู้เขียน Assoc. Prof. Somboon Tapina
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This reference book on the sport of Muay Thai contains the substance and the activities required for the general practicing of the sport of Muay Thai in the present day. Emphasis is placed on the three most important principles of practicing Muay Thai as follows:
1. Guarding and foot movements
2. Using Muay Thai wearpons and combinations
3. Defensive and offensive techniques


Chapter 1 Muay Thai Introduction
Chapter 2 Muay Thai Weapons Warm-up Styles
Chapter 3 Guarding and Foot Movements
Chapter 4 Using Muay Thai Weapons
Chapter 5 Practice: Defensive and Counter-offensive Techniques with a Partner
Chapter 6 Techniques Against Punches
Chapter 7 Techniques Against Elbows
Chapter 8 Techniques Against Push Kicks and Kicks
Chapter 9 Techniques Against Thrown Kness Including Holding and Kneeing
Chapter 10 The Method of Oracticing and Using Equipment Daily

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