New Syllabus Primary Mathematics 5A : Textbook (P)
The series aims to meet the learning of pupils from Primary One to Six. It comprises te textbooks and workbooks at each level.
ผู้เขียน Teh Pick Ching, Lu Jitan
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   The New Syllabus Primary Mathematics (NSPM) series is designed and written based on the latest primary mathematics syllabus. In this series, the concrete to abstract approach is adopted to introduce new concepts. Vivid and stimulating illustrations are used throughout the series to enhance learning. The knowledge base is built incrementally as the pupils progress up the levels so as to consolidate the linkages among mathematical concepts.


1. Whole Numbers
2. Four Operations
3. Angles
4. Fractions (I)
5. Fractions (II)
6. Area of a Triangle
7. Ratio

ISBN: 9789812373441 (ปกอ่อน) 144 หน้า
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