OBWL 3rd ED 5 : Great Expectations (P)
ผู้เขียน Charles Dickens
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In a gloomy, neglected house Miss Havisham sits, as she has sat year after year, in a wedding dress and veil that were once white, and are now faded and yellow with age. Her face is like a death's head; her dark eyes burn with bitterness and hate. By her side sits a proud and beautiful girl, and in front of her, trembling with fear in his thick country boots, stands young Pip. Miss Havisham stares at Pip coldly, and murmurs to the girl at her side: 'Break his heart, Estella. Break his heart!'


Chapter 1-3
Pip meets a stranger; Catching a cinvict; An Opportunity for Pip
Chapter 4-6
A Present from a stranger; Pip's sister is attacked; Great expectations
Chapter 7-11
Pip arrives in London; Visiting Mr Wemmick and Mr Jaggers; A Visit from Joe; Pip and Herbert talk about love; Pip attends a burial
Chapter 12-15
Pip discovers the truth; Planning Magwitch's future and hearing about his past; Pip visits Estella and Miss Havisham again; Shelter for Magwitch
Chapters 16-19
Miss Havisham realizes how Pip has suffered; Pip is close to death; The end of Magwitch's story; A wedding

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