Operations Management : Global Edition 10ED +Access Card (P)
ผู้เขียน Jay Heizer, Barry Render
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Welcome to your operations management (OM) course. In this book, we present a state of the art view of the activities of the operations function. Operations is an exciting area of management that has a profound effect on the productivity of both manufacturing and services. Indeed, few other activities have as much impact on the quality of our lives. The goal of this text is to present a broad introduction to the field of operations in a realistic, practical manner. OM includes a blend of topics from accounting, industrial engineering, management, management science, and statistics.

Even if you are not planning on a career in the operations area, you will likely be working with people who are. Therefore, having a solid understanding of the role of operations in an organization is of substantial benefit to you. This book will also help you understand how OM affects society and your life. Certainly, you will better understand what goes on behind the scenes when you purchase a bag of Frito-Lay potato chips; buy a meal at an Olive Garden, a Red Lobster, or a Hard Rock Cafe; place an order through Amazon.com; buy a customized Dell computer over the Internet; or enter Arnold Palmer Hospital for medical care.

Although many of our readers are not OM majors, we know that marketing, finance, accounting, and MIS students across the globe will find the material both interesting and useful as we develop a fundamental working knowledge of the operations side of the firm. More than 600,000 readers of our earlier editions seem to have endorsed this premise. We welcome comments by email from our North American readers, form students using the EU edition, the Indian edition, and our edition in Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish, Indonesian and Chinese. Our goal is to make this material useful and interesting to each of you.


Part 1 Introduction to Operations Management
Part 2 Designing Operations
Part 3 Managing Operations
Part 4 Quantitative Modules

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