Organizational Communication for Survival 5ED (P)
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    A "handbook" for communicating in the work environment Assuming a unique perspective for an organizational communication text, this book focuses students on how to communicate with managers and peers to survive, thrive and prosper in organizational environments. This "survival guide for employees" centers on understanding how and why managers communicate the way they do and how employees can adapt their own communication skills to be more effective in the organizational environment. Students who master the study guide objectives in this book will be better prepared to function in real organizational situations.

    This text provides clear and concise guidelines, along with a foundation of theory and scholarship, to help students become more effective communicators in today's workforce. Learning Goals Upon completing this book, readers will be able to: Communicate effectively with managers and peers. Understand how and why managers communicate the way they do. Differentiate between good and poor communication skills.


Chapter 1 The Nature of Organizations
Chapter 2 The Nature of Communication in Organizations
Chapter 3 Nonverbal Behavior and Communication
Chapter 4 Administration, Supervision, and Communication
Chapter 5 Barriers to Effective Communication
Chapter 6 Personality, Temperament, and Communication Traits
Chapter 7 Organizational Orientations and Communication Traits
Chapter 8 Perceptions of People in Organizations
Chapter 9 Approaches to Management
Chapter 10 Power and Status
, etc.

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