Our Time is Limited : ก่อนมรณาจะมาถึง
Lead a meaningful life before the last moment of your consciousness.
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    The value of your life is not whether your have been born a respectable person, but it is up to how you lead your life. If you only live for yourself, you are just another human being. You are born and die to fill the earth. But if you are born to help others, you succeed and then make youself useful to others, your birth into this life will make this earth a more beautiful place, more valuable, more dignified. When human beings serve others, they make their lives worthwhile. Their lives become magnificent, admirable, inspiring others to emulate.


- Make your life meaningful
- Match the value of gold with your merit
- Contemplation of death is comforting
- Death is the Ultimate Truth
- Stop believing that life is long
- Do not take your youth for granted
- Do not take your good health for granted
- Stop believing that you have plenty of time lift
- Stop believing that making merit is for another day
- Have you missed anything?

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