Outswimming the Sharks
Overcoming Adversities, Naysayers, and Other Obstacles to Lead a Meaningful Life
ผู้เขียน J.H. Hyun
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    From his own hard-earned life lesson, author J.H. Hyun, a 25-year veteran of Fortune 500 companies, reveals the opportunities for personal growth that can emerge when you learn to swim with the tide and eventually outswim these relentless predators.

    Outswimming the Sharks will help you Assess your current situation, Set clear and specific goals, Develop unbreakable focus and motivation, Take ownership and control of your future, Achieve your life goals in the midst of and without succumbing to your "sharks" . There will always be sharks in your life to throw you off course. Now you can learn how to outswim them and reach your full life potential.


Part 1 Suiting Up
- Chapter 1 How Do You Want to Be Remember?
- Chapter 2 Dream Big
- Chapter 3 Set Clear and Specific Destinations

Part 2 Swimming with the Sharks
- Chapter 6 What Have You Been Doing Lately?
- Chapter 7 Don'n Ask for a Shark-Free Life
- Chapter 8 Master Your Chosen Field

Part 3 Overcoming Sharks Attacks
- Chapter 11 Treat People with Respect and Dignity
- Chapter 12 Recognize Talent
- Chapter 13 Be Confident

Part 4 Outswimming the Sharks
- Chapter 18 You Don't Have to Be a Shark to Swim with and Outswing Them
- Chapter 19 Take Control of Your Thoughts, Words, and Habits
- Chapter 20 Be a Role Model
- Chapter 21 Start Now!

How can we accomplish remarkable things? Part of the answer is in facing great personal challenges, outswimming the sharks.Jeffrey Liker, PhD- Best-seller author of the Toyota Way
I Strongly believe this book will undoubtedly benefit Thai people. The book contains great knowledge and is full of inspirational stories. It will challenge the reader to think with encouraging real-life examples of successful people around the world. The author provides guidance for learning and motivates the reader to take action as well.Jiraporn Sudanich- Director, Political and Security Division, Department of ASEAN Ministry of Foreign Affairs
"The information is challenging, Motivating, and exciting - but never dull...For anyone searching for a unique self-help and motivational book, Outswimming the Sharks should be at the top of the list."Bettie Corbin Tucker- Independent Professional Book Reviewers
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