Oxford Primary Essentials English Comprehension Primary 1 (P)
ผู้เขียน Dr. Cheah Yin Mee, Jane Lee, Maeli Wong
หนังสือ204.25 บาท

    Oxford Primary Essentials English Comprehension is developed and written by leading educators ot meet the requirements of the current English syllabus issued by the Ministry of Education. Teachers, parents and pupils will gain a better understanding of comprehension and cloze requirements for the primary levels. Well-constructed exercises ensure that pupils will learn how to approach comprehension tasks systematically to achieve optimum examination results.

    Key features of English Comprehension Primary 1
- Explanation of comprehension skills and strategies
- Step by step demonstrations of how to read comprehension texts
- Well-annotated worked examples


- About the Comprehension Section
- Unit 1 Comprehension MCQ
- Unit 2 Comprehension - Graphic Stimulus
- Unit 3 Comprehension Cloze
- Unit 4 Comprehension - Open-Ended
- Answers

ISBN: 9810112696 (ปกอ่อน) 112 หน้า
ขนาด: 192 x 260 x 6 มม.
น้ำหนัก: 245 กรัม
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ชนิดกระดาษ: กระดาษปอนด์
สำนักพิมพ์Marshall Cavendish Education
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