Person to Person 3rd ED 1 : Student's Book +CD (P)
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    Now available in three levels, Person to Person focuses on the language functions required for everyday life activities such as shopping, ordering in a restaurant, and arranging to meet a friend. The lessons are based on realistic conversations, and task-based listening sections consolidate language acquisition.

* Revised unit format provides more listening and speaking through enhanced Let's Talk and Person to Person activities.
* Four all-new Review Units provide additional listening and speaking tasks to review the material in every unit.
* The Student CD, included with the Student Book provides listening practice outside of the classroom.
"Use These Words" offer vocabulary support practice activities.
"Pronunciation Focus" is now included on the recordings.


Unit 1 Nice to meet you / Could I have your name, please?
Unit 2 Tell me about your family / What does she look like?
Unit 3 Do you know where it is? / What does it look like?
Unit 4 See you then! / How do I get there?
Unit 5 How do you like the city? / I love sight-seeing!
Unit 6 How about coming with us? / Why don't we meet there?
Unit 7 Could you help me? / This sweater is more stylish
Unit 8 And what would you like?
Unit 9 Could I borrow that? / Could you change my room?
Unit 10 Where are you from? / How long did you do that?
Unit 11 Have you ever been to japan? / Which city did you like better?
Unit 12. What are you going to do? / What do you want to do?
Review : Unit 10-12

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