Pilates for Men : The Total Solution for Strength, Flexibility, and Power (P)
ผู้เขียน Elyse McNergney
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    From Tiger Woods to the Cleveland Indians to the toughest linebackers in the NFL, professional athletes and Hollywood celebrities are using Pilates to gain explosive strength, increase their range of motion, and build stamina and energy.

    Now, men everywhere can reap the incredible benefits of Pilates with the Pilates for Men workout. Based on the groundbreaking IM=X (Integrated Movement eXercise) principles created by Elyse McNergney, it is a cross-conditioning system that adds resistance training and core stabilization to traditional Pilates moves.

    Designed to make Pilates more athletic and fitness oriented, Pilates for Men is a solid program based on the science of muscle recruitment and fatigue that promotes functional training-thus, strengthening muscle synergies, reducing your risk of injury, and improving your game.

    With Pilates for Men you will:
    -Build muscle and reduce body fat
    -Improve flexibility and gain core strength
    -Revitalize your energy and increase your range of motion
    For all of you who want rock-hard abs without the back pain, McNergney, one of the top Pilates experts in the country, will show you how real men do Pilates.


Chapter 1 Why Pilates Is Not Just for Woman
Chapter 2 How to Use This Book
Chapter 3 Getting the Most from Your Workout
Chapter 4 Foundational Series (Ab Series Level 1)
Chapter 5 Stretch Series Level 1
Chapter 6 Ab Series Level 2
Chapter 7 Back Series Level 1
Chapter 8 Ab & Hip Series Level 1
Chapter 9 Back Series Level 2
Chapter 10 Ab & Hip Series Level 2

"...packs more of a strength-training punch than Pilates."Fitness Magazine
"Here is one equation that will keep you fit! ...In a one hour [IM = X] workout, you can shape your legs, hips, abs, back, chest and arms...pro athletes, including members of the NY Mets use it..."Physical Magazine
"Where to do Pilates...IM = X."The New York Times
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สำนักพิมพ์A Healthy Living Book
เดือนปีที่พิมพ์: 2005