Ready, Set, Green : Eight Weeks to Modern Eco-Living (P)
The time to save the planet is now.
ผู้เขียน Meaghan O' Neill, Graham Hill
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    The time to save the planet is now.

    Ready? Set? Green! Living green means reversing climate change, but it also means protecting your kids and pets, improving your own health, and saving money. And it doesn’t necessarily demand a radical overhaul of your life–just some simple adjustments, such as switching to healthier cleaning products and driving fewer miles each week.

    Written by the visionarires at Treehugger.com, the most heavily trafficked site of its kind, Ready, Set, Green is the definitive (and recyclable) guide to modern green living. It offers solutions to make your home, office, car, and vacation more eco-friendly. For example:

    • Using a dishwasher instead of hand washing will save you 5,000 gallons of water annually.
    • Eating less beef will save you 250 pounds of CO2 per year.
    • Washing your clothes in cold water instead of hot will save 200 pounds of CO2 annually.
    • Replacing three of your home’s most frequently used lightbulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs will save 300 pounds of CO2 every year.

    Including advice on how to properly insulate your house, cancel junk mail, and choose fruits and veggies wisely, Ready, Set, Green will help you change the future of the planet and restore balance to your daily life.


1 The Future Is Green
2 Prep Work - Getting Started
3 Week One - Thinking Like a TreeHugger: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
4 Week Two - Eating Your Way Green: Food and Drink
5 Week Three - Greening Up Your Act: Cleaning and Interior Decor
6 Week Four - Traveling Light: Transportation
7 Week Five - Greening Your Home: Energy Consumption, Water, and Building
8 Week Six - Dressing Up: Clothing and Personal Care
9 Week Seven - Getting to Work: Building a Better Office
10 Week Eight - Living It Up: R&R, Volunteering, and Activism

"There is almost no eco-quandary this hip, not hippie, site cannot help with."
--Vanity Fair--
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