The Theory of Everything and Nothing
ผู้เขียน Ph.D. Woody Prieb
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    This book challenges the predominantly analysis-based perspective of today's science in explaining the ultimate reality of nature. It does so by reintroducing an ancient yet amazingly powerful concept from eastern religions and philosophy called sankhara in plain scientific formulation. A Pali word, sankhara denotes the act of joining the various pertinent parts into a complete and functional whole. When properly assembled, the whole exhibits brand new ualities that were nonexistent before. San is therefore the logical bedrocks of the holistic worldview. Hopefully, the sankhara worldview would provoke and at the same time enrich the mainstream scientific mindset, which is largely reductionist and narrowly focused on the material aspect of nature.


Chapter 1 Principle
Chapter 2 Structure
Chapter 3 Levels
Chapter 4 Dynamics
Chapter 5 Interactions
Chapter 6 Overview

- Conclusion

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