Scholastic Study Smart Writing Skills Builder : Level 4 English (P)
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    Scholastic Study Smart workbooks are high quality education resources based on materials developed by teaching professionals for teaching professionals. Each workbook is filled with age appropriate and pedagogically sound activities that support children on the road of learning and mastery. Writing Skills Builder workbooks provide practice in essential writing strategies. Children practice these writing strategies in a systematic way and through meaningful writing activities to improve their writing fluency.


- Punctuating Statements, Qusetions and Exclamation
- Using Quotation Marks and Punctuation
- Using Commas Marks in Sentences
- Identifying the Subject of a Sentence
- Identifying the Verbof a Sentence
- Identifying Parts of a Sentence
- Writing Statements
- Writing Questions
- Writing Different Types of Senterces
- Combining Sentences
, etc.

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