Smart Phonics 4 : Student Book Two Letter Consonants 2ED +CD +Flashcards (P) (Set)
ผู้เขียน Jayne Lee, Casey Kim
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    Smart Phonics is an easy to teach phonics series developed for elementary school children learning English as a Foreign Language. Throughout the five book series, basic phonics skills are introduced in a simple and systematic way while providing children with efficient tools for basic reading and writing. Smart Phonics also introduces a great number of common sight words embedded in fun phonics stories and songs. In this way, children can learn sight words naturally and effortlessly.


Unit 1 bl cl fl (black, blade, blimp, blue, clam, clap, cliff, clock, flag, flame, flap, flute)
Unit 2 br cr fr (brake, brave, brick, bride, crab, crane, crib, cross, frame, frog, front, frost)
Unit 3 gl pl sl (glass, globe, glove, glue, plane, plant, plate, plum, sled, slice, slide, slim)
Unit 4 dr pr tr (dragon, dress, drive, drum, press, price, print, prize, trace, track, truck, trumpet)
Unit 5 sm sn st sw (smell, smile, smoke, snack, snake, snore, stone, stop, stove, sweet, swim, swing)
Unit 6 ng nk (bang, fang, king, ring, gong, song, bank, tank, pink, wink, dunk, junk)
Unit 7 sh ch (shape, ship, shop, brush, fish, flash, cherry, chick, chin, bench, branch, catch)
Unit 8 th wh (thick, thin, thumb, bath, math, teeth, whale, wheel, whip, whisk, whisper, white)

- Challenge bl – wh
- Progress Test
- Sight Words
- Flashcards

ISBN: 9788956354538 (ปกอ่อน) 120 หน้า
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