Smart Phonics 5 : Student Book Two Letter Vowels 2ED +CD +Flashcards (P) (Set)
ผู้เขียน Jayne Lee, Casey Kim
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    Smart Phonics is an easy to teach phonics series developed for elementary school children learning English as a Foreign Language. Throughout the five book series, basic phonics skills are introduced in a simple and systematic way while providing children with efficient tools for basic reading and writing. Smart Phonics also introduces a great number of common sight words embedded in fun phonics stories and songs. In this way, children can learn sight words naturally and effortlessly.


Unit 1 ee ea (bee, feet, green, peel, seed, tree, leaf, meat, peanut, sea, seal, tea)
Unit 2 oa ow (boat, coat, goat, road, soap, toast, blow, bowl, pillow, snow, window, yellow)
Unit 3 ai ay (mail, nail, rail, rain, tail, train, clay, gray, hay, play, pray, tray)
Unit 4 oi oy (boil, coil, coin, foil, oil, point, soil, toilet, boy, joy, soybean, toy)
Unit 5 ow ou (brown, clown, cow, crown, gown, owl, blouse, cloud, count, house, mouse, mouth)
Unit 6 ir er ur (bird, girl, shirt, skirt, letter, singer, soccer, teacher, nurse, purple, purse, turtle)
Unit 7 ar or (arm, car, card, farmer, park, star, cork, corn, fork, horse, north, store)
Unit 8 oo (book, cook, foot, hook, look, wood, food, goose, moon, pool, spoon, zoo)

- Challenge ee – oo
- Progress Test
- Sight Words
- Flashcards

ISBN: 9788956354545 (ปกอ่อน) 120 หน้า
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