Southeast Asia's Best Recipes : From Bangkok to Bali (H)
120 Delicious Recipes from Southeast Asia's Most Experienced Food Writer...
ผู้เขียน Wendy Hutton
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From roadside to restaurant, Southeast Asia's Best Recipes presents a mouthwatering culinary tour of Southeast Asia's most scrumptious food. Enjoy an abundance of different dishes from Southeast Asia's rich and varied cuisine, such as Singapore's fascinating cosmopolitan offerings, Thailand's sinfully spicy dishes or Vietnam's refreshingly healthy recipes.


- A Tropical Culinary Adventure
- Fabulous Flavors From Bangkok to Bali
- Essential Southeast Asian Ingredients
- Tips and Techniques
- Basic Recipes
- Chapter 1 : Starters and Snacks
- Chapter 2 : Soups and Salads
- Chapter 3 : Noodles, Rice and Breads
- Chapter 4 : Poultry and Meat
- Chapter 5 : Seafood and Fish
- Chapter 6 : Vegetables and Tofu
- Chapter 7 : Desserts

At last, here is the book I have long awaited from a food writer I really trust.Charmaine Solomon
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