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Now, Lance Armstrong wants you to have his program too. In this book you'll find the exercises, riding schedules, endurance builders and mental tricks that brought Lance back to the pinnacle of cycling and that have enabled him to win the Tour de France a record-breaking six times from 1999 to 2004. This combination was crafted by Chris Carmichael, Lance's coach for more than a decade, and the U.S. Olympic Committee's Coach of the Year in the Year of Lance's first Tour win.

Full of anecdotes and personal advice from both Lance and his coach, The Lance Armstrong Performance Program shows you how to reach your highest riding capacity in just seven weeks. Whether you are a nivice or a pro, you too can ride the same path as lance to achieve your personal best.


Part One: The Promise of Cycling
1. The Appeal of Two Wheels
2. Cycling Equipment
3. Essential Maintenance and Repair
4. Piding Position
5. Rules of the Road
Part Two: The Carmichael Training System
6. The Heart of Training
7. The 7-Week Success Plan
8. Training Techniques and Workouts
9. Recovery
10. Strength Training
11. Eat for Health and Performance
Part Three: Essential Skills
12. The Power of Pedaling
13. Shifting and Braking
14. Road Hazards
15. Group Riding
16. Riding Out the Weather
Part Four: Techniques to Ride like a Pro
17. Mental Toughness
18. Cornering
19. Climbing
20. Descending
21. Sprinting
22. Time Trialing
23. Lance in Action
Update 2002
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- The Training, Strengthening and Eating Plan behind the World's Greatest Cycling Victory
- Seven Weeks to the Perfect Ride
- 6 Times Winner 1999 - 2004 Tour De France

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