Targeting Mathematics 2B Part 2 : Workbook (P)
The exercises in the workbooks are designed to support learning in a progressive manner.
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         Targeting Mathematics is a series of textbooks and workbooks written based on the latest Primary Mathematics Syllabus provided by the Ministry of Education, Singapore. This series supports the Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract approach and the use of ICT tools to enhance conceptual understanding. It incorporates the use of manipulatives, videos and online math activities as teaching aids to enhance teaching of mathematics.


11. Money
- Recall
- Counting Money in Dollars and Cents
- Converting Money
, etc.

12. Volume
- Idea of Volume
- Measuring Volumes in Litres
- Comparing and Ordering Volumes in Litres
, etc.

13. Picture Graphs
- Recall
- Picture Graphs whit Scales
- Drawing Picture Graphs with Scales
, etc.

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