Thai Massage Manual: Oriental Therapy for Flexibility, Relaxation and Energy Balance
ผู้เขียน Maria Mercati
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It has treated people for over 1,000 years…
One of the most ancient of the healing arts, Thai massage harmonizes the energies of body and mind. By pressing, stretching and manipulating the body, powerful healing forces are released to ease pain and stress, and correct postural alignment. Through increasing flexibility, Thai massage helps maintain health and youthful vitality, and health and yourthful vitality, and improves sports performance. Its exquisite yoga-like techniques enable you to give your family and friends a profoundly relaxing, healing massage.

Use Thai Massage to:
- Set your body's natural healing powers in motion
- Give and receive a complete whole body treatment
- Strengthen the bond between you and your partner
- Feel mental calm and release muscular tension
- Treat common ailments such as headaches and sciatica.


Part 1 Introduction
Chapter 1 The Muscles
Chapter 2 The Mechanics of Thai Massage

Part 2 Thai Bodywork Programme
Lesson 1 The Feet
Lesson 2 The Feet & Legs
Lesson 3 Both Legs & Back
Lesson 4 Chest & Abdomen
Lesson 5 Arms, Hands, Neck & Face
Lesson 6 Lying on either side
Lesson 7 Prone Lying Face Down
Lesson 8 The Sitting Position

Part 3 Tailor Made Treatments
- Massage Routines to Ease Chronic Pain
- A Programme for Beginners
- Resources
- Index
- Acknowledgemments

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