Thai massage
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    Thai massage is a technique that has been passed down from the earliest times, refined and condified through the generations, evolving into the form it takes today. Its origins lie with respected Ayurvidic doctor, Shivago Kamarpaj.

    Most written records were destroyed, therefore modern Thai massage practitioners must learn to work with the body on an intuitive level while maintaining an attitude of sensitive awareness and relying on a corrersponding level of response from the client. Technology focus on harmonizing the flow of vital energy, or “life force’, to improve the client’s general health and wellbeing. The therapist, using various parts of his or her own body-hands, elbows, knees and feet-builds a smooth, rhythmic movement sequence in which to exert pressure, gently message, and relax and lengthen muscular systems and the skeletal structure of the client.


Part 1
- What is Thai massage?
- History and development, East vs. West, underlying principles message. Role of the therapost.
- Exerises and meditations

Part 2
- The massage session
- Lying on the back
- Lying on the side
- Lying on the stomach
- Sested upright
- Closing off the massage
- Further reading and useful contacts


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